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Accounting Services

Title: Accounting and Tax Services in Windsor and Ft. Collins, CO

Welcome to Grey CPAs, we are a local CPA firm in Windsor and Ft. Collins, Colorado that provides tax and accounting services for businesses in the Northern Colorado area and beyond. Our passion is helping entrepreneurs build a foundation of financial success, by offering business consulting services, tax preparation services, accounting/bookkeeping services and more. When you collaborate with Grey CPAs, you will have the confidence of knowing we are helping you to secure your financial future.

Title: Tax Compliance / Audit Services

Complying with tax laws and regulations is the in the best interests of your business. Having a professional certified public accountant audit your company’s financials and tax filings is advisable. As your organization grows to cultivate a culture of transparency when it comes to business finances is a best practice. Minimize risks and ensure accounting compliance by calling Grey CPAs today.

Title: Tax Planning Services

Tax accounting is not for everyone, for obvious reasons. However, for the accountants at Grey CPAs phrases like tax planning is music to our ears. You do not need to bang your head in frustration trying to learn the ins and outs of tax planning, just contact us, and we will take the load off. Business tax planning is our specialty; we will help you become financially prepared for what’s ahead and take advantage of money saving opportunities today.

Title: Financials Compilations & Review Services

The process of obtaining a line of credit can be overwhelming, especially when it is your business. Trying to justify to a lender that your company is stable and creditworthy can be a challenge. On the other hand, financial reviews may do the trick when you need to attract investors. Financial compilations and reviews are just one of the services we provide at Grey CPAs.

Title: Financial Planning Services

A profitable bottom line is what every business owner wants. The gap that separates revenue and profit has many components that if not planned for may result in unfavorable financial performance. Additionally, not planning financial growth may cause your business to grow stagnant leaving lost opportunity knocking at the door. For all your business financial planning needs, contact Grey CPAs at our Windsor or Fort Collins, CO office today.

Title: Business Planning Services

Are you a visionary that daydreams about how awesome your new business idea is and how successful it will be? To make the dream come to life, you will eventually need to put pen to paper (or just open a laptop) to come up with a formal business plan. Executive summaries, market analysis, pitch decks, oh my! Don’t lose any more sleep coming up with the perfect business plan that will wow investors. Just give the business planning experts at Grey CPAs a call, we will help.

Title: Tax Entity Creation Services

With many different business entities to choose from, understanding which one is best for your business can be hard. Grey CPAs will explain the pros and cons of each and help you determine which filing status suits the needs of you and your company.

Title: Bookkeeping (QuickBooks) Services

You manage the front end of your business and are good at what you do. The daily pile up of invoicing, record keeping, and payroll pulls you away from focusing on growing your business. Although it may seem a little scary to relinquish control of your bookkeeping to someone else, rest assured our accountants at Grey CPAs are experienced and efficient at utilizing QuickBooks to its full capacity. So, stop chicken pecking your expenses into QuickBooks and give Grey CPAs a call!